BFORBONES INTERNATIONAL  specializes in the sale of natural human teeth,tooth models for dental and medical fraternity. We are based outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada. BFORBONES INTERNATIONAL  has gained an outstanding reputation as one of the very few companies specializing in real human teeth specimens.

Active for more than 10 years in this service, BFORBONES INTERNATIONAL  has been able to stand out among the best in this specialized field. The quality of its work, the diversity,excellent customer support and the speed at which we ship and deliver has made BFORBONES INTERNATIONAL the worlds leading suppliers of real human teeth specimens!

We are providing world class tooth specimens  and accessories with professional full service for over 10 years.

All natural tooth specimens are legally and ethically obtained.

Currently, we’ve earned a reputation with some of the most prestigious dental schools, educational facilities and research firm  in the world for having the best quality, most professional services, and the largest variety of natural tooth specimens found all over the world.

Ever get tired of searching around for human teeth that are almost impossible to find? We are here to help you. We offer everything related teeth. Want something we don’t have? We can get it!

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