Hi pals welcome to bforbones International, your onestop for all your Human Tooth needs.
I’m Dr.G.Rajesh kannan BDS, FCCP., Owner and President of bforbones. I’m a dental doctor practicing for more than 6 yrs. I graduated Dentistry from one of the prestigious Dental universities in the world DR.MGR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, India in 2004.
I started my own private practice back in my own home town. By 2005 I did a special course in Dental Implants in Singapore. By now I’m a full time Dentist serving my fellow citizens.
Evolution of bforbones :
The evolution of bforbones started in 2002 when I was a Dental student. During my college days I and my collegues were in need of many Real Human Tooth for our Preclinical Dental Procedures. Those days are really hard since we need to prepare for exams as well collect tooth for clinical procedures. There were not enough osteological companies selling human tooth those days so we are dependant on only private dental clinics. Since all dental students be needing them we have to wail for days even months for our turn to collect them from the clinic.
We used to search in google for science fair teeth, buy teeth, human teeth for sale, where can I buy human teeth, where to buy extracted teeth, where can i buy real human teeth online, purchase extracted teeth, websites selling human teeth, need extracted teeth, sell real human teeth, collecting extracted teeth for dental school,buy human teeth online, donate exracted teeth, need extracted teeth wreb, real human teeth for sale, typodont teeth for sale, buy human teeth, selling human teeth, need of extracted teeth in dental schools.
There was also another problem with those tooth. Many tooth are with cavities, stains, attrition and most important blood residues. Since they are considered bio-hazard materials we have to take extra precautions for cleaning and handling. So that was the moment bforbones was born to let a helping hand for my fellow collegues.
I set up a team of 2 members who will collect tooth from all the possible sources and clean them with acids to get rid of all stains and blood residues. We set up a small room back in our home under the banner bforbones so any medical student can approach us with their needs for human tooth.
Three years later, bforbones evolved from this small service-based business into a successful retail & mail-order company. Then in 2006, fueled by local and worldwide enthusiasm, we became bforbones international. We started branches in Canada followed by Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
Currently, we've earned a reputation with some of the most prestigious Medical and Educational facilities in the world for having the best quality, most Professional services, and the largest variety of Real Human Tooth specimens. All human tooth products are legally and ethically obtained. Since I’m a dentist I have got a lot of contacts with my fellow dentist so collecting fine quality tooth from the will be a bit easier for our company.
As for the future, bforbones continues to grow. By next year bforbones will set up outlets in America and Australia and we will be adding many more products. bforbones will always strive hard to provide with the best quality and at the earliest.
Dr.G.Rajesh kannan BDS, FCCP.,